Monday, April 4, 2011

In The Deepest Darkness of the Night...

The Moon, Oh how I love the moon. I think I could lie on my front lawn all night watching it. A full moon especially.

A few weeks back was the "Supermoon". I don't think it looked any bigger, but it's beautiful anyways. I grabbed my camera, and rushed out the door. I didn't care that it was 25 degrees out.

However, my little snap and shoot camera in no way can capture the essence and beauty of the moon. Impossible. (I took them anyway).

I love all nature. I can get so wrapped up in the beauty of God's creation. To think, he spoke these things into existence. From a grain of sand to the sun in the sky.

Pure Beauty

These things we take advantage of every day, Make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

But the moon...

This giant ball of light, piercing through the darkness of the night.

The moon reminds me of Jesus. The light, in the complete darkness of a cold, angry, sin infested world. He's still there, shining through the darkness in all His glory.


Day after day, night after night. He's still there, saying "I'm still here. Find me, follow me, let me light your way!"

He's there in the deepest darkness of the night...When you cry and think that you can't do it anymore. He's there, a reminder that the morning is coming again, and it's a chance to start over fresh, and new. But only through Him.


Sweet, sweet Jesus.

Secured Tight in His Grip,


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  1. Great job, Rach! Beautifully composed and written....I always knew you had it in you. Many Blessings, Lauren