Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You were Superman...

You were my Superman. The smartest, the strongest,the bravest. Always going to be there, whenever I needed you most.
That's all you ever should have been.

Until you weren't.
Until you taught me what it felt like to hurt, to break, to hold everything inside, in hopes that maybe, it would all go away.
Until life became a broken record. Repeating itself over and over.

You taught me that no person can really be trusted, and in that, I discovered a one true constant.


When I needed somebody to talk to, He was there.
When I cried, He held me..
The the only reason I could keep holding on... He was the only thing that mattered.

Sweet, Sweet Jesus.
His mercy and love filled the holes and cracks and tears inside that you made.

Through His Blood, He saved me. He made me whole again when I never thought that was possible.

He taught me forgiveness and He taught me how to feel again. He taught me that He is all I need.

I lost count of the ways you let me down
But no matter how many times you weren’t around
I’m all right now

God picked up my heart and helped me through
And shined a light on the one thing left to do
And that’s forgive you

I forgive you.

But I still wish you would have stuck with being Superman...

(Still)Secured Tightly in His Grip,