Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A River of Life

There is A LOT of flooding right now. A LOT. It comes with the spring I suppose. As the snow melts, the river gets higher. When the river gets higher the current gets stronger, when the current gets stronger, it tears open new access points. Ripping apart fields, playgrounds...pretty much everything it can.

The water needs to flow.

Sometimes the solid banks of the river just can't hold in all of the water. It needs to be flushed out, and there is only one way to do that. Take over everything in the way.

The most interesting part of this for me is seeing the after effects. When the water is all dried up...what does the river leave behind? What does it take away?


Life is like this raging river.

There are pains.

They come through tearing up everything you once thought was in it's right place. Leaving behind ugly rivets and torn up hearts and souls. Tearing up the sod of life. Taking away all of the good, and leaving behind ugly scars of the bad and broken.


Sweet, Sweet Jesus.
My Rock, My Savior, My Solid Ground.

My River

The River of True Life, The River of Mercy, The River of Living Water.

So sweet, My Jesus.

He comes through after the river of life has ripped up all that we thought was good.

He replaces the pain with love. He smooths over the scars and sweeps away the bad.

Only Him

He wraps his loving arms around me, when the winds of sorrow come, He gives me a reason to keep singing, and He sings over me, He comforts me. Because the pain can never compare to joy that is to come. The pain will fade when glory takes over.

He's there.

He Heals... He makes all things new.

He never lets go.

Secured Tightly in HIS Grip,



  1. Wow Rachael, I wish I could express my feelings like you do. This made me want to cry, but Thomas is in the room. Praise Jesus for his healing power. Mom

  2. I LOVE your words!! I stumbled upon your post for the One Thousand Gifts, Chapter 11 "review" and wanted to pop over to say "hi". :o)
    I tried to "follow" you, but couldn't figure it out, I'll bookmark you instead.
    LuvNHugz, Many Blessings!!
    Nicki in Iowa