Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Love...

"I am the thorn in Your crown
But You love me anyway
I am the sweat from Your brow
But You love me anyway
I am the nail in Your wrist
But You love me anyway
I am Judas’ kiss
But You love me anyway"

A Love,

Deeper than the deepest depth of the sea.

A Love,

Stronger than a thousand horses.

A Love,

More Merciful, More Beautiful, More Spectacular,

Than anything you have ever experienced in your life.

My Sweet Jesus,
Is that Love.

When I'm broken and torn.
He picks up the pieces and puts them back together with love.

When I Fall
He picks me up with love.

When I Sin,
He takes me back with love.

I make stupid life choices.
But He loves me anyway.

I break His heart,
But He loves me anyway.

And when I'm broken, on the ground, in sin from my stupid life choices.
When I cry out in shame.

He loves me anyway.

A Love,
The Greatest Love of all.

Born of a Virgin,
To Die on the Cross

My Jesus.

It doesn't matter what you've done...
He loves you too.. and He's knocking.
Let Him in.

Secured Tightly in His Loving Grip,


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fields of Grace...

I was driving home from choir tonight and decided I needed some quality time alone.

So I pulled over on the side of the road, and walked into this field (was I trespassing? Potentially... but that's beside the point.)

I'm standing in the middle of this giant field. Just me. Every pain, every emotion that I've felt over the last weeks flooded out like a giant tidal wave, and I started to yell. (yes, I trespass in random fields...and I yell in them.)

I yelled about how I've been waiting THREE years.. was I not hurting enough... that He had to give me what I wanted, and then take it all away after barely six weeks? I yelled about my broken, sad heart. About the heaviness that life has had. About how I just want a break. I want something good, for once.

All I hear back is "Job"

When I'm in the depths of despair, the last thing I really want to be reminded of is JOB. I mean, seriously?!!? Give me somebody I've got something on, cause I've got nothing on Job.

And Job 38 starts running through my head.

And I start to cry harder.


Who am I to question (yell at?) the God of the Universe of his intentions. Um, I'm a speck of dust on this world.

And I fall on my face in the field (I trespass, yell, and fall on my face in random fields)

And I fall. Broken. In the sweet arms of Jesus. In tears. In surrender.

And I prayed. For forgiveness, and mercy.

I get back in my car, and Matthew West sings through my speakers.

"You're starting over now
Under the sun
You're stepping forward now
A new life has begun
Your new life has begun

An’ there's only grace
There's only love
There's only mercy and believe me…it's enough
Your sins are gone
Without a trace
And there's nothing left now
There's only grace…"

When you're broken, and have no where else to turn.

There's Only Grace

Secured Tightly in His Grip,


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You were Superman...

You were my Superman. The smartest, the strongest,the bravest. Always going to be there, whenever I needed you most.
That's all you ever should have been.

Until you weren't.
Until you taught me what it felt like to hurt, to break, to hold everything inside, in hopes that maybe, it would all go away.
Until life became a broken record. Repeating itself over and over.

You taught me that no person can really be trusted, and in that, I discovered a one true constant.


When I needed somebody to talk to, He was there.
When I cried, He held me..
The the only reason I could keep holding on... He was the only thing that mattered.

Sweet, Sweet Jesus.
His mercy and love filled the holes and cracks and tears inside that you made.

Through His Blood, He saved me. He made me whole again when I never thought that was possible.

He taught me forgiveness and He taught me how to feel again. He taught me that He is all I need.

I lost count of the ways you let me down
But no matter how many times you weren’t around
I’m all right now

God picked up my heart and helped me through
And shined a light on the one thing left to do
And that’s forgive you

I forgive you.

But I still wish you would have stuck with being Superman...

(Still)Secured Tightly in His Grip,


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A River of Life

There is A LOT of flooding right now. A LOT. It comes with the spring I suppose. As the snow melts, the river gets higher. When the river gets higher the current gets stronger, when the current gets stronger, it tears open new access points. Ripping apart fields, playgrounds...pretty much everything it can.

The water needs to flow.

Sometimes the solid banks of the river just can't hold in all of the water. It needs to be flushed out, and there is only one way to do that. Take over everything in the way.

The most interesting part of this for me is seeing the after effects. When the water is all dried up...what does the river leave behind? What does it take away?


Life is like this raging river.

There are pains.

They come through tearing up everything you once thought was in it's right place. Leaving behind ugly rivets and torn up hearts and souls. Tearing up the sod of life. Taking away all of the good, and leaving behind ugly scars of the bad and broken.


Sweet, Sweet Jesus.
My Rock, My Savior, My Solid Ground.

My River

The River of True Life, The River of Mercy, The River of Living Water.

So sweet, My Jesus.

He comes through after the river of life has ripped up all that we thought was good.

He replaces the pain with love. He smooths over the scars and sweeps away the bad.

Only Him

He wraps his loving arms around me, when the winds of sorrow come, He gives me a reason to keep singing, and He sings over me, He comforts me. Because the pain can never compare to joy that is to come. The pain will fade when glory takes over.

He's there.

He Heals... He makes all things new.

He never lets go.

Secured Tightly in HIS Grip,


Monday, April 11, 2011

Let The World Hear Your Tune

Last night, for the very first time I stepped outside and heard spring peepers. It was quite glorious because it means...

SPRING is finally here!

They have been hibernating away all winter, and now they want to be heard. Tucked away through the cold bitter winter, they are awake, and want the world to hear their tunes.

It's so easy to hibernate. To get comfortable where we are, to do what we can to get by. When we wake up though, we realize just how much we have been missing.

How marvelous it feels to wake up and let God take control!

The song by Casting Crowns While You Were Sleeping says just what we can miss while we are sleeping.

America, what will we miss while we are sleeping?
Will Jesus come again
And leave us slumbering where we lay
America, will we go down in history
As a nation with no room for its King?
Will we be sleeping
Will we be sleeping

It's easy sometimes to feel that you are doing what you need to do to get by...it's hard for some people to get up and get out there and tell the world, or even just their friends to wake up to what is real, true and holy.

How will you feel when they are gone, and you didn't give them the chance to wake up and see what they've missed while they were sleeping.

The world needs an awakening...

It can't happen when even WE, the Christians, the ones God called to preach to the nations, are sleeping ourselves.

Just like the spring peepers.

We need to wake up and let the world hear our tune. The tune of Jesus, the tune of redemption, grace, mercy, and love.

Secured Tightly in His Grip,


Monday, April 4, 2011

In The Deepest Darkness of the Night...

The Moon, Oh how I love the moon. I think I could lie on my front lawn all night watching it. A full moon especially.

A few weeks back was the "Supermoon". I don't think it looked any bigger, but it's beautiful anyways. I grabbed my camera, and rushed out the door. I didn't care that it was 25 degrees out.

However, my little snap and shoot camera in no way can capture the essence and beauty of the moon. Impossible. (I took them anyway).

I love all nature. I can get so wrapped up in the beauty of God's creation. To think, he spoke these things into existence. From a grain of sand to the sun in the sky.

Pure Beauty

These things we take advantage of every day, Make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

But the moon...

This giant ball of light, piercing through the darkness of the night.

The moon reminds me of Jesus. The light, in the complete darkness of a cold, angry, sin infested world. He's still there, shining through the darkness in all His glory.


Day after day, night after night. He's still there, saying "I'm still here. Find me, follow me, let me light your way!"

He's there in the deepest darkness of the night...When you cry and think that you can't do it anymore. He's there, a reminder that the morning is coming again, and it's a chance to start over fresh, and new. But only through Him.


Sweet, sweet Jesus.

Secured Tight in His Grip,